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Whitening teeth aid

The bleaching trays themselves are usually clear, they are often made of a soft flexible plastic (0,4 – 1 mm). Your dentist will need to perform a dental examination prior to the initiation ...

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PLAYSAFE, teeth protectors for sport

They do not move while doing sports, allow speaking ... Big variety of colors. PLAYSAFE sports mouthguards ensure safety for your teeth when doing sports ...

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Silensor – prevents snoring

Studies have shown, that app. 40% of the population in industrialized countries do snore, with males aged over 60 years it is even 60%. Snoring is generated when soft tissue vibrates. During sleep, muscle tone in the neck and pharynx decreases ...

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Nightguard - splint against bruxism

The term bruxism is defined as: „clenching of the teeth“. Bruxism is associated with forceful jaw movements, resulting in rubbing, gritting, or grinding together of the teeth ...

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